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Industrial Visit to The Great Beer

Name of Event:Industrial Visit to The Great Beer
Date of Event:9-9-2019 and 10-9-2019
Location of Event:Sector 26 Chandigarh
No of Person Attending:50
Sponsoring Organisation:CCHMCT Landran
Contact Name:Debasheesh Chatterjee
Telephone Number: 7015835821 Email id:dip@hopsngrains.com
When talking about the microbreweries in Chandigarh, The Great Bear, Kitchen & Microbrewery is one name that everyone swears by. Serving the best wheat and hops based freshly draught beers, it is paradise for beer lovers in the tricity. The place offers best of Italian, Continental and North Indian cuisines with the full bar. With the rooftop seating arrangements, best music, ambience and upholstery and separate smoking area, it is ranked amongst the best nightlife pub and microbreweries based out in Chandigarh. Try out the Mocktails, Murgh Platter, Falafel, Onion Rings, Exotic Margarita Pizza, and variety of tikkas. With prompt service, courteous and friendly staff, it is one of the favorites place for the beer lovers.

Mr. Sunil Mishra (Plant Manager) interacted with the Students and explained the usage of the equipment involved in the beer making Process and Production of beer. The malt is brought from Germany.Barley or wheat is heated and dried then crushed ,mashed in mesh kettle at 50-53 degree centigrade to extract the sugar from the grain in the water.Then they transferred it to Lotten Tank which has a capacity of around 300 litre where malt is extracted and the liquid further transferred to Brew Hot Tank. In this tank liquid is boiled to 100 degree centigrade with hops.Then it is transferred to Chiller tank through pipes at 12-14 Degree Centigrade.Then thet transferred the liquid to fermentation Tank where wild yeast is added to convert sugar into alcohol and CO2.This process will take 7 -8 days. The Maturation time for Ale beer is 2 weeks and lager beer is about 1 month.

Beer tap is used to take out the beers. Different flavor are served to the guest e.g. Green Apple,Weiss,German Bock,The Great Beer. Beer mats are used on bar table. Glass Cleaning Machine is used for cleaning the Glass. The Great Beer received many awards and accolades in 2017,2018,2019

Mr Pawan Kumar (Restaurant Manager) helps the students in solving their queries.He is very cooperative person. It was a great learning experience for the participated Students which helps them in understanding production process of beer.